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Av Margot - 19 mars 2014 22:47

Now my Phalene puppies are sooooo cute and I think they are very promising. All of them are very outgoing and loves to be with the other dogs as much as possible and they don´t like at all when I have to put them in the puppy pen to eat or rest. The malepuppy is for sale and also one of the females. They have a very good pedigree.

Nu är mina Phalene valpar sååå söta och jag tycker att de är mycket lovande. Alla är mycket framåt och älskar att vara med de andra hundarna så mycket som möjligt och de tycker inte om att jag måste sätta dem i valphagen för att de ska äta eller vila. Hanvalpen och en av tikarna är till salu. Gärna till utställningsintresserade men absolut inget krav. Viktigast är ett kärleksfullt hem där de får vara en del av familjen.


Candygolds Great Garcon, The malepuppy  6 weeks old, sabel,  FOR SALE


Candygolds Gingerbread Girl,  6 weeks old, sobel , FOR SALE OR CO-OWNERSHIP


Candygolds Golden Geisha,  6 weeks old, sobel, FOR SALE OR CO-OWNERSHIP


Candygolds Gorgeous Gaya,  6weeks old, black&white female will stay in the kennel.


Av Margot - 8 mars 2014 18:41

Today we have taken some new pictures of my youngsters, they are totaly ungroomed and it has been raining some days now but today it was a sunne and blowy day.

My Phaleneboy, Thairghay´s Jig Is Up (Totte) 8 months old, sire: Whispering Valley Tornado, dam: Thairghay´s Blast From The Past.

My Papillons

Candygolds All-Time Abby (Abby) 15 months old, sire: My beautiful multich etc Denemore Noble Perfection (PJ). She is PJ´s last daughter  dam: Halsakots Petit Princesse (Mysli)

Candygolds Ebony Ella (Ella) soon 6 months old and in her ugly age just now. Sire: Vito vom Schwabenhof dam: Candygolds Graceful Girl.

Evando vom Schwabenhof (Eddy) 6 months old. Sire: Nightfire´s Question Of Quality  dam: Alex Take the Chance Trinie


Totte, 8 månader, det var lite blåsigt idag



Lilla Abby 15 månader, bara precis över 2 kg men kommer sig så sakteliga.


Naken liten Ella snart 6 månader.


Min söte tyske pojke Eddy 6 månader. Börjar få väldigt mycket fransar. Mycket trevlig gosse.

Av Margot - 8 mars 2014 18:03


Female number 1,  Black&white  4 weeks and 5 days old


Female nr 2,  sabel&white, 4 weeks and 5 days old


Female nr 3,  lighter red sabel&white,  4 weeks and 5 days old

Today we have sunny weather in Dalarna and I had some help to take new pictures.We took both on the puppies and some of the youngsters. First I will show you my Phalenepuppies. Mother Thairghay´s Head Over Heels (CC-quality) and father SEUCh NUCh Freetain´s Kick Sonegogo. My computer did something and the females is above this and the male is behind this. The male and one of the females will be for sale and I will keep one at home and put one on some kind of co-ownership.

Hanvalpen och en av tikarna är till salu, en kommer att stanna här och den tredje placeras på "halvfoder" lite längre fram i vår då jag kunnat välja. Jag är väldigt nöjd med kullen och har inte kunnat välja ännu. Hör av er om intresse finns.


This is the male and he is for sale.

Av Margot - 22 februari 2014 18:52

At last I will show you my pictures taken last Monday when the puppies were 2 weeks old and just had open their eyes.

They will be 3 weeks on Monday and then I will take some new pics.

Mother: Thairghay´s Head Over Heels (CC-quality) and father : SEUCh Nuch Freetain´s Kick Sonegogo

The male and two of the females will be for sale.


Female Nr 1  Black&white  2 weeks old


Female Nr 2  Sable & white  2 weeks old


Female Nr 3  redsable&white 2 weeks old


Male  sable & white  2 weeks old

Av Margot - 7 februari 2014 17:06

Some pictures of my beautiful Phalenepuppies born the night to Monday this week. Proud mother is Thairghay´s Head Over Heels (Holly) and father is SEUCH NUCH Freetains Kick Sonegogo (Gogo). Birthweights 135-195 g and all of them has gain much weight already. I´m looking forward to see them grew. "My" NUCH Candygolds Kickoff who is such a great producer at Freetains kennel is the grandfather so it will be so nice to have his lines back again. This is Holly´s first litter and she is a very good mother.


First some pictures of the very cute malepuppy. He is sable


Female nr 1, Black and white


Female nr 2. She is sable


Female nr 3. She is sable 

Av Margot - 18 november 2013 21:30

This is Thairghay´s Jig Is Up (Totte) a very cute, white&sobel male. Born 29/6 and he is a very happy and playful guy.

Sire is Whispering Valley Tornado (2 CC) and dam is Thairghay´s Blast From The Past (CC)

I will show you how the ears can change many times before they will stay down. When he came to me his ears were good, two weeks later he was a perfect Papillon for ten days and then one ear came down for some days and then the other ear came down.

Just now he has perfect ears and I hope they will stay there.   T  

Totte when he was papillon for ten days

Totte as Papillon/Phalene for some days


Totte as a Phalene again and I hope and think he will stay there. 

Av Margot - 18 november 2013 20:03

Just now I have my little Candygolds Ebony Ella (Ella) who is 9 weeks old and she will stay in the kennel.

Sire: Vito wom Schwabenhof and dam: Candygolds Graceful Girl. She has american and scandinavian lines behind both her father and mother and I hope she will be a beautiful girl also in the future.

I also have my smaller puppies Candygolds First Freja and her brother who hasn´t got a name yet.

The malepuppy is for sale for the right home. Sire SE UCH Candygolds Value Vision (SE UCH JPCH SV-06 Queen Bless JP Royal Generation x Amch Canch SEUCH Candygolds Mette-Marit). Dam is Halsakots Petit Princesse (Mysli) who has CC in Sweden(C.I.B ISCH Royal Ice Ekvador x Candygolds Minette). I hope he will be of showquality but we will see in some weeks when he can stand up. He will be 4 weeks old on wednesday.



Ella 9 weeks old


F-boy for sale.


Freja 3 weeks old. She will move to Denmark in the beginning of January.


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