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Av Margot - 7 december 2010 22:48

Jag är så stolt över Nuch Nordjv-07 Candygolds Kickoff  (Amch Canch Springhill The Muppet Caper x Amch Canch SEuch Candygolds Mette-Marit) som blivit 3:a på Norska Kennelklubbens lista över avelshundar 2010.

Kickoff har tävlat med 8 olika avkommor under året. Han bor hos Anne Grethe på Freetains kennel i Norge. Bra gjort och Grattis.

Kickoff är kullbror till SEuch FINuch DKuch C.I.B Candygolds Keeper som nu bor och verkar hos Aune på Tairon´s kennel i Finland. Keeper har också mycket fina resultat från i år och nu håller jag tummarna inför Helsingforsutställningarna och resultatet på Top-10 listan från Finland. Pojkarnas syster Nordjv-07 Candygolds Klarissa som också blev Phalene i en förväntad papillonkull bor också hos Aune.


Av Margot - 24 november 2010 14:16

Här kommer lite nya bilder på några av hundarna.

Lek i snön

  Ivar i sin nya tröja, han verkar tycka om den en sådan blåsig snöig dag som idag. Ivar har varit utställd 6 ggr i år och 5 ggr blivit BIR och 1 gång BH-2. Jag hoppas han kommer att gå bra nästa år som junior också.

Candygolds Ivar in his new sweater, he seams to like it. Ivar has been shown 6 times and 5 times he has been BOB and once BM-2 and also BIS-2 Puppy. I hope he will do well also as a junior next year.

  Candygolds My Model 7 weeks old eating a carrot   Candygolds New Nelly 9 weeks old

    Candygolds Klein Kaizer har nu rest sina öron igen!!!! Hur ska han ha det??

  Kaizer has now raised his ears again!!  How will he finally have them??

Av Margot - 21 november 2010 17:43

Last weekend and this weekend I got lovely news from first Finland where SEuch DKuch FINuch Candygolds Keeper got BM-1, CACIB and BOB among over twenty phalenes and is now C.I.B (International champion) last time when I thought he was it was two days too early between the first and last CACIB but now it´s ok. Congratulations Aune, Tairon´s phalenes. Well done and thanks to Lea Anttila who was the handler. Judge Bo Skalin, Sweden. Keeper is litterbrother to Kickoff, living at Freetain´s kennel in Norway.

Yesterday I also got wonderful news from Diana and Violetta Smirnova, Latvia who are the handler of my Papplewick Pigeon Post and are taking such good care of him. He got BM-1, CAC, CACIB and BOB and also gain four titles Belarussian, Ukrainian, Latvian and Estonian champion at the in Minsk, Belarus.Well done Diana and Violetta and Thank you. George doesn´t like shows so much and Diana and her mother Violetta has really worked hard to make him show.

SEuch DKuch FINuch (Norduch) och nu också C.I.B (Int.champion)Candygolds Keeper

  Belarussian- Latvian- Ukranian- och Estonian champion Papplewick Pigeon Post. Visad av Diana Smirnova,  som tillsammans med sin mamma Violetta, Vilarden´s kennel, Lettland, tar så väl hand om George.

Av Margot - 7 september 2010 23:48

I have now decided to sell both Kevin (Phalene) and Kaizer (Papillon). I have already so many males and can´t keep them even if I want to. Both are promising puppies.

Parents are SEuch JPuch SV-08 Queen Bless JP Royal Generation and Candygolds Qelly (CCquality) . They are 4 months old now.

Jag har nu bestämt mig för att sälja både Kevin (Phalene) och Kaizer (Papillon). Jag har redan så många hanar och kan inte behålla dem även om jag skulle vilja. Båda är lovande valpar. Föräldrar är se ovan. De är 4 månader nu.

Candygolds Kevin Knight, I have kept him to be sure of his ears and he has always carried them dropped.

      Candygolds Klein Kaizer, was reserved for Germany but will not go there so he is for sale again. 


Av Margot - 19 augusti 2010 00:32

Today I recieved a nice picture of SEuch DKuch FINuch Candygolds Keeper winning BOB on the Speciality show in Finland.

I also got his very nice critique from judge Juha Kares translated to english. Thank you so much.

"Magnificent, expressing the real breed type, proud, light and elegant.Georgeous male, stylish head, Fantastic quality of coat texture. Beautiful, perfect and light bones. Good chest. Super stylish movements, wich are expressing just the right lightness and joyful which is demended from this breed"

Also a big THANK YOU to his handler Lea Anttila for showing Keeper so well.


Av Margot - 8 augusti 2010 16:51

Good news today again from Aune, Finland. SEuch DKuch NOuch Candygolds Keeper did it again and got CACIB and BOB at todays in Kopio. He has now gained his four CACIB in three countries and will now be International Champion. Congratulations Aune!! I´m so happy for you.


Av Margot - 7 augusti 2010 09:58

Yesterday I recied very good news from Aune (Tairon phalenes) in Finland.

SEuch DKuch FINuch Candygolds Keeper got BOB and CACIB at the first of three days international show in Kopio, Finland.

Thank you to his handler Lea Anttila, well done!!

Now I keep my fingers crossed for one more CACIB because Keeper now has three CACIB in three countries so when/if he will get one more he will gain his International championtitle. Good luck today and tomorrow Aune and Keeper.

I will also show you my new little phaleneboy. His name is Candygolds Kevin Knight, tricoloured and 3½ month old. Father is SEuch JPch SV-08 Queen Bless JP Royal Generation and mother Candygolds Qelly. I hope he will stay Phalene.

Keeper Sept-09

    Candygolds Kevin Knight, male, 3½ month old.

Av Margot - 15 juni 2010 22:23

I got two very good news last weekend.

First I got a mail from Zala owner to Candygolds Cute Rozalia (Lia) in Slovenia where she is writing:

"Today was also a good day in Klagenfurt. Lia got Exc.1, Best junior and Best of Breed. There were a lot of papillons entered, so I´m very happy. In BIS she got inte the best 10 young dogs.

So Lia is now JCH SLO, JCH CRO and has opened Austrian JCH. She has 2xBOB and 1 time CAC and CACIB (she was only once in intermediate class) She was R-BIS puppy once and third Best puppy on WDS 2009. She was twice in juniorhandling with me and we were third both times. Great for a 15 month old girl, right?"

That´s really great Zala. BIG congratulations Im so proud of you both. Well done!!!

JCH SLO, JCH CRO Candygolds Cute Rozalia (Papplewick Pigeon Post x Amch Canch Such Candygolds Mette-Marit) 15 månader.

I also got news from Norway and NordJw-07 Candygolds Kickoff. He is now NUCH. Congratulations to his owner Anne-Grethe (Freetains phalenes). Kickoff has so many beautiful children winning in the rings so I´m so proud of him too.


Nuch NordJw-07 Candygolds Kickoff (Amch Canch Springhill The Muppet Caper x Amch Canch Such Candygolds Mette-Marit). Så söööt!!


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