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Av Margot - 8 januari 2013 14:04

Tog några bilder på valparna ute i snön. Det blir ju inte bra med den blå tonen men jag är ingen duktig fotograf.



Candygolds Wera  6½ months old and 1700 g in weight. She is a very livly little girl.


Candygolds Xellent Xo  5 months old

Av Margot - 8 januari 2013 00:35

Now the Cavalierpuppies are 8 weeks old and two of them left this weekend. The rubymale will go to his new home on Friday and the two others will fly to new homes in the end of the month.

The two Papillon females out of Multich Denemore Noble Perfection (PJ) and Halsakots Petit Princesse (Mysli)

are 6 weeks old now and have started to be together with the other dogs some times during the day.

The small Papillonpuppies are 2 weeks old and have just opened their eyes. They are out of Lafford Billy Whizz  and Candygolds Qelly.



The two 6 weeks old females.


Male 2 weeks old  Tri


Female 2 weeks old Tri


Male two weeks old  Tri



Candygolds Xellent Xo  5 months old     Sire: SEUCH Candygolds Value Vision,  Dame: Candygolds Qelly


Candygolds Wera Chihuahua 6½ months old

Av Margot - 23 december 2012 18:28

I have taken some new pictures of my small puppies. The Cavaliers are now 6 weeks old, the papillonfemales are 4 weeks old and the new papillonlitter was born the 22th of December. The new Papillonlitter is out of my Lafford Billy Whizz and Candygolds Qelly. The three puppies 2+1 are all tris. I never use to get solid heads but two of this puppies are very dark.

Jag har tagit nya bilder på mina små valpar. cavaliervalparna är nu 6 veckor , papillontikarna är 4 veckor och den nya papillonkullen föddes den 22 december. Det är tre valpar två hanar och en tik alla trefärgade. Jag brukar aldrig få solida huvuden men två av dessa är mycket mörka i huvudet.


Candygolds Zac Daniels, 6 nearly 6 weeks old. He will move to Finland


Candygolds Zingo The Joker, didn´t want to stand good this time. He will go to a pethome.


Candygolds Zonny Zaffran, he will go to a family rather close to me.


The smaller girl


The bigger girl


The two girls. One of them will live together with her grandmother and an aunt and the other will maybe go to Norway or will be for sale. It depends wich one I will co-own. We will see.


Candygolds A?????  4 weeks old  Sire: Multich Denemore Noble Perfection x Hálsakots Petit Pricesse (Mysli) CC.

She has this funny spot but she is very cute. She is for sale. I think she will be blacksobel.


Her sister Candygolds A????  She will stay in the kennel.


The two girls have moved to the kitchen now,


This is the new litter 2+1. 1+1 with nearly solid heads. Sire:  Lafford Billy Whizz,  CC x Candygolds Qelly,  CCquality (SEUCH DKUCH Haremets Famous Fighter x Multich Candygolds Empress). They are for sale but maybe I will put the female on co-ownership.


The cavalierpuppies love to play with the other youngsters.


Candygolds Sweet Sindy chewing. She is one year old now and out of the same combination as the two girls. She has R-CC from juniorclass.

Av Margot - 13 december 2012 00:35

Papillonpuppies out of Multich Denemore Noble Perfection (PJ) x Halsakots Petit Princesse (Mysli).

The two girls are doing very well and are gaining weight.


Female puppy,  3 weeks old, white and red


Female puppy, 3 weeks old, white and black

Av Margot - 8 december 2012 16:07

I took some new pictures of Candygolds Xellent Xo 4½ month old. His father is SEUCH Candygolds Value Vision (SEUCH JPCH SW-06 Queen Bless JP Royal Generation x AMCh CANCh SEUCH Candygolds Mette-Marit) and his mother is Candygolds Qelly (SEUCH DKUCH Haremets Famous Fighter x Multich Candygolds Empress).

I like this boy very much and he will stay in the kennel and I hope he will be a nice showdog.


Av Margot - 29 november 2012 00:11

The two female puppies out of Multich etc Denemore Noble Perfection (PJ) x Halsakots Petit Princesse (Mysli) CC are one week old today. They had a difficult start but now when they are one week old they have doubled the birthweights. Today it was 220 g from 95 g and 175 g from 90 g.


The pictures above is female nr 1 the bigger


Here is female Nr 2 the smaller one. She has a stupid spot in her nice blaze.

Av Margot - 7 oktober 2012 22:34

Candygolds Unique Uno is a black and white male. He is 6 months old. Uno has a very good pedigree. His mother SEUCH FICH Candygolds Dreamgirl Daisy is linebred on Multich Denemore Noble Perfection father to 35 champions and worldwinner and her father is Multich Candygolds Trademark also father to a worldwinner. Unos father is Lafford Billy Whizz , CC and many CC-Quality. Billys father is one of the worlds most winning papillons just now GBCH AMCH Lafford Fly Me To Farlaysbane (Dave) BOB Westminster 2012 and BOB Crufts 2012 and BIG-4. He was also the mostwinning Papillon in GB 2010 and #2 Mostwinning Papillon in USA 2011.

I love males but can´t keep more than one at the moment and it will be Candygolds Xellent Xo this time because I have more use for him in my breeding just now.

Uno is nicely buildt and has a very good front, coming coat  and tailbow. He is also a very nice boy to live with.


Av Margot - 7 oktober 2012 22:08

Some new pictures of my puppies and youngsters on Candygolds kennel.


Candygolds Sweet Sindy , 1 year old next week. Sibling to the expected puppies out of Multich Denemore Noble Perfection and Halsakot´s Petit Princesse, CC


Candygolds Xellent Xo, 11 weeks old (SEUCH Candygolds Value Vision and Candygolds Qelly)


Candygolds Yalle 3 weeks old  (SEUCH Montelinos Harry and Bon Fo Shou Aya Kardelia)


Candygolds Wera 3½ months old (Shine On This Charming Man, 2xCC and Candygolds Easy Elle)


Thairghay´s Head Over Heels (Holly) Phalene with her friend Sindy


Candygolds Qelly with her son Xo and little Wera


Candygolds Unique Uno 6 months old ( Lafford Billy Whizz, CC and SEUCH FINCH Candygolds Dreamgirl Daisy)

Uno has a very good pedigree and he is for sale. It´s hard but I will keep little Xo who I can use on some of my females but Uno is to much related to the most of them.



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