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Av Margot - 4 mars 2013 10:56

Now it´s just my promising malepuppy Candygolds Bentley Boy, tri, 10 weeks old who is looking for a new home of his own.

He is a very nice little guy, used to be with all the other dogs in my home and also my big cat.

He is veterinary checked and without any faults. I love him but I´m not keeping more males just now.

His sire is my Lafford Billy Whizz  (CC) who is out of the famous GBCh Grand AMCh Lafford Fly Me Too Farleysbane (Dave) who is a great male. Mostwinning papillon in GB 2010, 2nd in USA 2011, 2012 he was BOB at Westminster and Crufts and also BIG-4.

Dam is Candygolds Qelly (CC-quality). Sire SEUCh DKUCh Haremets Famous Fighter and dam Multich Nordw- 04  Candygolds Empress, daughter of my lovely Multich, Multiplaced in Group etc Denemore Noble Perfection.

Please mail me on for more information and pictures.


Av Margot - 19 februari 2013 18:13

Nu är de yngre Papillonvalparna 8½ veckor gamla. De ska till veterinären på fredag och få sitt Id-chip, vaccination och vet.besiktas så de är leveransfärdiga från helgen.

Nya bilder kommer här. Stamtavlan kommer i nästa inlägg

New pictures on the 8½ weeks old papillon puppies. They will be ready for new homes from the weekend.

The pedigree will come.


Candygolds Bentley Boy,  8½ weeks old, tri male   FOR SALE



Candygolds  Big Ben,  8½ weeks old, tri male   FOR SALE



Candygolds Betty Butterfly  8½ weeks old , tri female   FOR SALE

Av Margot - 12 februari 2013 22:33

Det kom en vinterhälsning från Grace med familj idag. Grace är en livlig glad liten tik efter Multich Candygolds Keeper  och Candygolds Qelly, som också är mamma till min yngsta valpar och Candygolds Xellent Xo som jag sparat från förra kullen. Grace är mamma till Candygolds Tindra som bor hos mig och Tutti-Frutti som bor på True and Trustie kennel i Danmark där hon från juniorklass på tre utställningar fått tre CK och ett juniorcert. Tindra kommer att ställas ut senare i vår.


Candygolds Graceful Girl (Grace)


Grace dotter Tindra BIS-valp,  augusti-2012, pappa är min Lafford Billy Whizz

Av Margot - 9 februari 2013 19:16

The two girls out of Multich Denemore Noble Perfection (PJ) and Halsakots Petit Princesse (Mysli) are now 11 weeks old.


Candygolds Amazing Amelia  11 weeks old  For sale


Candygolds All-Time Abby   11 weeks old. She will stay with me.

Av Margot - 9 februari 2013 18:57

Nu är de yngsta valparna 7 veckor. Pappa är Lafford Billy Whizz och mamma är Candygolds Qelly. De är mycket framåt och roliga valpar så det är full fart härhemma. De är till salu och om intresse finns hör gärna av er för mer info och bilder. På bilderna är de 6½ vecka.

Now the youngest puppies are 7 weeks old. On the pictures they are 6½ weeks old. They are for sale and if you are interested please contact me for more info and pictures.


Candygolds Big Ben, tri male


Candygolds Bentley Boy, tri male


Candygolds Betty Butterfly,  tri female


Av Margot - 27 januari 2013 01:01

My Papillonpuppies are 5 weeks old today.  Father is my Lafford Billy Whizz and mother my Candygolds Qelly.


Male tricoloured  4½ weeks old on pictures  FOR SALE


Male  Tricoloured  4½ weeks old   FOR SALE


Female  4½ weeks old  FOR SALE or Co-owning.

Av Margot - 21 januari 2013 23:31

Now my older papillongirls are 4 weeks old. I have now decided to keep the blacksobel girl and let the sobel go to a good home. They are out of my famous little boy Multich , groupwinner etc Denemore Noble Perfection (PJ) he is the father to at least 35 champions and many of them are multich and grandfather to many topwinning papillons and mother is my islandic girl Halsakots Petit Princesse (Mysli)  1xCC.

Candygolds Amazing Amelia,  8 weeks old, white & red (sobel)   FOR SALE  better pictures will come or mail me privatly and I will send you. She is a wonderful little girl.


Candygolds Amazing Amelia  8 weeks, she is not so good at stucking yet and dropped her tail but better pictures will come soon.


Candygolds All-Time Abby,  8 weeks old, white & black female. She will stay in the kennel even if she has her funny markings.

Av Margot - 21 januari 2013 23:08

Time flies and the small Papillonpuppies are already 4 weeks old. Two males and one female are looking for a good home.

The female and one male is very dark in the face and one of the boys have a very nice blaze. All three are tri-coloured.Sire: Lafford Billy Whizz (1xCC). Billy is out of one of the worlds most beautiful males just now GBCh AmCh Lafford Fly Me Too Farleysbane (Dave) who was the mostwinning Papillon in Great Brittain 2010, Nr 2 in USA 2011, BOB Westminster 2012 and also BOB and BIG-4 at Crufts 2012. Dame to the puppies is Candygolds Qelly out of SEUCh  DKUCh Haremets Famous Fighter and Multich Nordw-05 Candygolds Empress.


Candygolds B?????  4 weeks old Tri male.  FOR SALE



Candygolds B?????    4 weeks old Tri male     FOR SALE



Candygolds B?????      4 weeks old Tri female       FOR SALE


This litter started to eat proper food already when they were three weeks old on the pic.



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