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Av Margot - 25 maj 2014 13:32

Some pictures of Pepermint Ice Vilarden Swissdreams (Peppie,s) litter. There are two females and one male for sale. Sire is SEUCH DKUCH JWW-11 Toymaker's Bet On The Red. They are three weeks old today.


Malepuppy  17 days old, sobel   FOR SALE


Female  17 days old,  tricoloured   Reserved


Female,  17 days old, sobel   FOR SALE




Female,  17 days old, sobel   FOR SALE

Av Margot - 24 maj 2014 23:48

Here comes some pictures.


Av Margot - 24 maj 2014 22:35

Eddy has been to his first show at SKK Hässleholm last Sunday. He was BOB Puppy among 8 puppies (4+4) and showed so well.

Sire: Nightfire's Question Of Quality  Dam: Alex' Take The Chance Trinie

It was also the very first time for Zkarabi's Coco Mademoiselle  (Coco)  19 month old who won her class with CC-quality and Thairghay's Jig Is Up (Totte),  10 month old and he got Exellent-2.


Eddy  8 month old.

Av Margot - 21 mars 2014 23:19

Even if it was just on the terass because it was too much wet snow on the grass. Sunny weather but very blowy but the puppies loved it. Also much fun with the new "Zacco-sack" the puppies have been wrestling there today.

Första gången ute även om det bara var på terassen eftersom det var för mycket blöt snö på gräsmattan. Soligt väder men mycket blåsigt men valparna älskade det. Också mycket roligt med den nya "Zacco-säcken" där valparna har brottats idag.


Gaya checking the old tomatoplant 


Ginger looking deep in the waterbowl




Geisha testing the tomatoplant too


Gaya playing


Ginger playing


Cute Eddy


Some of the playmates


Geisha and the back of Gaya


The girls with mummy. I don´t know where the boy was all the time when I was taking pictures.

Av Margot - 8 mars 2014 18:41

Today we have taken some new pictures of my youngsters, they are totaly ungroomed and it has been raining some days now but today it was a sunne and blowy day.

My Phaleneboy, Thairghay´s Jig Is Up (Totte) 8 months old, sire: Whispering Valley Tornado, dam: Thairghay´s Blast From The Past.

My Papillons

Candygolds All-Time Abby (Abby) 15 months old, sire: My beautiful multich etc Denemore Noble Perfection (PJ). She is PJ´s last daughter  dam: Halsakots Petit Princesse (Mysli)

Candygolds Ebony Ella (Ella) soon 6 months old and in her ugly age just now. Sire: Vito vom Schwabenhof dam: Candygolds Graceful Girl.

Evando vom Schwabenhof (Eddy) 6 months old. Sire: Nightfire´s Question Of Quality  dam: Alex Take the Chance Trinie


Totte, 8 månader, det var lite blåsigt idag



Lilla Abby 15 månader, bara precis över 2 kg men kommer sig så sakteliga.


Naken liten Ella snart 6 månader.


Min söte tyske pojke Eddy 6 månader. Börjar få väldigt mycket fransar. Mycket trevlig gosse.

Av Margot - 18 november 2013 20:03

Just now I have my little Candygolds Ebony Ella (Ella) who is 9 weeks old and she will stay in the kennel.

Sire: Vito wom Schwabenhof and dam: Candygolds Graceful Girl. She has american and scandinavian lines behind both her father and mother and I hope she will be a beautiful girl also in the future.

I also have my smaller puppies Candygolds First Freja and her brother who hasn´t got a name yet.

The malepuppy is for sale for the right home. Sire SE UCH Candygolds Value Vision (SE UCH JPCH SV-06 Queen Bless JP Royal Generation x Amch Canch SEUCH Candygolds Mette-Marit). Dam is Halsakots Petit Princesse (Mysli) who has CC in Sweden(C.I.B ISCH Royal Ice Ekvador x Candygolds Minette). I hope he will be of showquality but we will see in some weeks when he can stand up. He will be 4 weeks old on wednesday.



Ella 9 weeks old


F-boy for sale.


Freja 3 weeks old. She will move to Denmark in the beginning of January.

Av Margot - 31 oktober 2013 00:32

One week ago my youngest papillonpuppies were born one week  early. One was born dead and one died after two days but there are one female and one male puppy who made it.

The females weight was 105 g and today one week old her weight is already 245 g so she is really fat. The males weight was 70 g and he was down to 65 g but today he is 130 g so he has gained much weight too.

The first days I had to help them to eat day and night but now also the little male is able to find his way to the food by himself so now I think they both will make it. Mother is Halsakots Petit Princesse (Mysli) and father is SEUCH Candygolds Value Vision (Jappe)

Today we took some new pictures of my other youngsters too.


This little boy is FOR SALE


This is my Ella 6 weeks old. Sire is Vito won Schwabenhof  dam is Candygolds Graceful Girl (Grace)

One of my Chihuahua puppies, Candygolds Dusty Donut, male 10 weeks old, FOR SALE  

Av Margot - 12 augusti 2013 13:21

Här kommer några bilder mest på mina ungdomar tagna i Juli.


My and my dogs house. They are living in the house with me and using the garden to dig holes and play.


Multich Denemore Noble Perfections oldest daughters. Sitting Multich Candygolds Empress 10 years old and Amch Canch SEUch Candygolds Mette-Marit  9 years old.


My happy little girl Halsakots Petit Princesse (Mysli) soon 4 years old. We have started with agility and she just loves it . We will do our first competition in the end of August.


This is my only Phalene Thairghays Head Over Heels (Holly) 1½ years old. Shown with Exellent this summer.


My cute and crazy little Candygolds Wera 1 year old. Shown this summer with CC-Quality.


Candygolds Tindra 1½ years old.


My baby Candygolds Cute Clara 4 months old.


Another cute girl Zkarabis Coco Mademoiselle  (Coco) 9 months old.


PJ´s last litter Candygolds All-Time Abby  (Abby) 9 months old.


Abby´s sister Candygolds Amazing Amelia 9 months old.


The oldest and the youngest on Candygolds just now. Emmy 10 years old and Clara 4 months old


Our little visitor this summer


Sometimes it looks like this in my garden.


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