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Av Margot - 20 mars 2012 23:27

Pretty är till salu till rätt hem. Säljes inte till avel men gärna till utställningsintresserad eller till någon som vill ha en glad och tokig lite papillontjej som kompis .

Pretty är utställd med mycket bra kritik och BIR med HP de gånger hon varit med.

Pappa är min underbare Multich Denemore Noble Perfection (PJ) och mamma är Lamonias Kira, CK och flera ggr placerad i BT-klass.


Av Margot - 7 mars 2012 00:38

New pictures of my small puppies 3 weeks old today. Sire: Lafford Billy Whizz, 1xCC Dam: Candygolds Graceful Girl.

All three really nice tricolours just like father Billy. Also some pictures from my females nearly 5 months old Sire: Multich Denemore Noble Perfection (PJ) Dam: Halsakots Petit Princesse (Mysli) 1xCC and my Chihuahua female 6 months old.


Female  3 weeks old, Tri   Lafford Billy Whizz x Candygolds Graceful Girl


Female 3 weeks old,  Tri  Lafford Billy Whizz x Candygolds Graceful Girl


Male  3 weeks old,  Tri  Lafford Billy Whizz x Candygolds Graceful Girl


Candygolds Sweet Sindy  Female nearly 5 months old  Multich Denemore Noble Perfection x Halsakot´s Petit Princesse  

Candygolds Sunflower  female nearly 5 months old sister to Sindy and living with my sisiters daughter Eva but I have some breedingrights.


Candygolds Rozita  Chihuahua longhair, 6½ months old  Candygolds Ivar x Icarus Rosa

Av Margot - 18 februari 2012 01:34

Let me show you my three days old puppies born 14/2  on Valentin´s Day. All three have a beautiful tricoulor just as father Billy and grandfather GBCH AMCH Lafford Fly Me To Farleysbane, beautiful Dave who just won BOB at Westminster and the mostwinning papillon in GB, 2010 and now winning a lot in USA.

Mother to the puppies is my black&white little female Grace .

Grace is a wonderful mother and the puppies are gaining weight very well.


One of the females, three days old, she is little smaller than her sister


The other female, three days old, she is a little bit bigger than her sister


The male, three days old 


Mother Candygolds Graceful Girl


Father Lafford Billy Whizz, One year old on the pictures


Beautiful grandfather Lafford Fly Me Too Farleysbane (Dave) winning BOB at Darlington, UK.

Av Margot - 29 januari 2012 01:18

I have taken some new pictures of some of my youngsters. I hope I will be able to take some better when I have help.

Här kommer lite nya bilder på en del av mina ungdomar.


Candygolds Sweet Sindy and Sunflower, 3 months  Multich Denemore Noble Perfection(PJ) x Halsakots Petit Princesse (Mysli)


Candygolds Sweet Sindy 3 months old


Candygolds Sunflower 3 months old


Candygolds Pretty Pralin 10 months old,  Multich Denemore Noble Perfection (PJ) x Lamonias Kira


Candygolds Qitty  10 months old,  Lafford Billy Whizz x Amch Canch SEUCH Candygolds Mette-Marit 


Pepermint Ice Vilarden Swissdreams 12 months old,  Multich Papplewick Pigeon Post x Vilardens Fiora Samba


Candygolds Rozita  4 months old, Candygolds Ivar x Icarus Rosa


Nimbus (Brittish shorthair), Maya and Qitty

Av Margot - 21 december 2011 00:19

My small Papillonpuppies are already 10 weeks old. They are very lively as theire mother and are fighting a lot with my Chihuahuapuppies. Tomorrow they will be vaccinated, id-chipped and vet.checked

Yesterday father PJ was eyechecked and still ok .

I also checked Candygolds Graceful Girl and my co-owned Cavalierfemale Candygolds Ditte and they were ok too and also Dittes patella and heart.


Candygolds Sweet Sindy  10 weeks old female


Candygolds Sunflower  10 weeks old female 

Av Margot - 28 november 2011 19:49

Pictures taken in the garden. Peppie (Pepermint Ice Vilardens Swiss Dream) Co-owned with Diana and Violeta Smirnova Vilarden's kennel, Latvia. Peppie's father is my little cute boy George (Multich Papplewick Pigeon Post) who also is the grandfather to the Crufts winner 2011, Papplewick Pretty in Pink. George died so sadly under a surgery in June 2011 and Diana and Violeta let me co-own Peppie to have something from George to go further with. Diana was also George´s handler when he was living with them. I will take some better pictures soon.

The other youngster is Candygolds My Model (Maya) , (Lafford Billy Whizz,  CC x Multich Candygolds Empress). Maya will go to her new home with Sue Gross, UK in January. Sue is also the owner of Multich Candygolds Trademark.



Peppie,  10 month old.


Candygolds My Model (Maya) 13 months old.

Av Margot - 28 november 2011 19:27

Now my Papillonpuppies are 6 weeks old and they are in a very cute age now. They love to be around me and together with all the other dogs. It´s theire first time on the table and I think they did ok.


Candygolds Sweet Sindy  6 weeks old. Sire: Multich Denemore Noble Perfection (PJ) Dam: Halsakots Petit Princesse (Mysli) 1 CC


Candygolds Sunflower  6 weeks old 

Av Margot - 6 november 2011 23:53

My Papillonpuppies are 3½ weeks old now. They are walking around and wagging theire tails when I´m coming. It´s two females.



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