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Many good and sad things happened this summer.

Av Margot - 7 september 2016 01:30

It has been so many happy and sad things happened this summer and much work. This will be very unsorted things during the summer.

Starting in May with my young Bichon Havanese, Fläderlyckans Xtra, competing in Rally Obidience ? (Rally lydnad)

It was our very first try and first she got 57 points because of my faults but in the next she got 94 points out of 100 and I'm so proud of her. The next two competitions were in  August 8 and she got 80 and 93 points and gained her first title RLDN .


On the competition in May 8 I also started for the first time with my Candygolds Ebony Ella. She was attacked by a Border Collie last year and she is still so afraid but now I'm able to do something with her again. She got 81 and 81 points so she just need one more result over 70 points to get her first title too. I have not been able to show her after the attack but before she did very well on shows too. She also had three wonderful tri boys this spring.


July 1 my Ragdoll Ingrid got three beautiful kittens 2+1 see earlier Blog.


August 2 my Phalene female started to give birth to her litter 1+3 puppies and when the first puppy cried my old Multich Candygolds Empress, 13 years old ran up from her sleep but suddenly through up and when she tried to walk she just fell over. She had a stroke and I had to let her walk over the Rainbow Bridge one day later. I miss her a lot.

The father of the puppies is my Thairghay's Jig Is Up (Totte) he went to Bornholm together with my friend Jeanette and did so well. First day it was the Danish Papillon &Phalene club show. Totte showed so well together with Lars and Marianne (Toymakers) as handlers. He went BIR and later also BIS and gained the titles DK UCH and NORD CH. The second and third day it was DKK shows and Totte did it again. He was BIR all three days and the second and third day he gained his CACIB and he now has all he needs for C.I.B And I have searched for it. Totte was staying with Jeanette under the week and I was supposed to pick him up when I was going to SKK Norrköping. But he got a wound just closed to the anus and have to go to the vet to clean it and the vet shaved him a lot even if he didn´t had to do it so now I can't show Totte for a very long time. he was supposed to go to some bigger shows soon but now he has to stay at home. I'm so angry and sad about this.


Mother to the Phalenepuppies is my cute Thairghay's Head Over Heels  (Holly).

There are one boy and three girls in the litter. They were big and alert when they were born but after one day the boy lost weight and I had to feed him every hour during some days but all the time he also ate from his mother too. After some days he started to gain weight and now he is a very alert little boy. Pictures will come very soon.



My young Cavalier male Candygolds King Of My Dream (Mio) also went to Bornholm with Jeanette. He has been living with her and his mother and sisters all summer and he will stay a bit more. He did so well in Bornholm and was BM-2 with CAC and R-CACIB both days. Jeanette is taking so good care of him. Picture of Mio will come.

My Cavalier female Chadyline Caribbean Rose (Rosanna) has been mated to beautiful CH Bruno Boy's Real Black King (Otto)  and I hope for a nice litter in the end of october. Picture of an ungroomed Rosanna.


I have also mated my Havanese Star Havanais Tufs with a beautiful male SE UCH Zodiaka'la Star's No Limit (Roffe)

So there will be two litters at the same time this autumn.


My two Havanese youngsters have also done very well on shows this summer.

Zodiaka'la Star's Razzle Dazzle (Razzel) got Ex-1 CK BM-4 and CAC in  Leksand under judge Joakim Ohlsson, Sweden.

In Köping he got Ex-2 with CK and in Högbo, SDHK he got Ex-1 with CK and CAC again under judge Svante Frisk, Sweden and he is just 15 months old. 

My cute little female Zodiaka'la Star's True Temptation (Truly) went in puppyclass in Leksand her first time out and got BOB. In Köping Truly was just nine months old and she did so well Ex-1 with CK, BF-3 and CAC. In Högbo SDHK she got Ex-1 with CK BF-4, R-CAC and on SKK Högbo the day after she got Ex-1 with CK BF-4 and R-CAC again. Im so proud of my  Havanes youngsters who beat many very nice dogs and many of them champions.

Big thank you to Camilla Selin for trusting me with such beautiful dogs.


In SKK Högbo I had also entered my Papillon female Zkarabi's Coco Mademoiselle (Coco). Of course she had to be in the ring at the same time as Truly so my friend Jessica helped me to show her. Coco got Ex-4 with CK so she did well also without me. 


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14 november 2016 08:54

Hej Margot alla hundarna tycker jag om ❤️ Tycker du om fotboll ⚽️ Kram Pontus Stenius


10 december 2016 16:20

Hej Pontus. Vad roligt att du tycker om mina hundar. Du har ju träffat många av dem. Jag är ju inte så intresserad av fotboll men är alltid intresserad av hur det går för dig på fotbollen.
Kram på dig vi ses snart igen.

    Kom ihåg mig



Av Margot - Måndag 3 aug 11:26

Min lite äldre Ragdoll unge 5 veckor. Han är efter CH Ekryda Walter Gibb och Candygolds Nova (Exellent-2 på utställning) Kombinatinen gjord tidigare med mycket bra resultat. Han heter S*Candygolds Tom Titt och är blåmaskad bicolour.         ...

Av Margot - Måndag 3 aug 11:04

Mina yngre Ragdollungar har nu blivit 3 veckor. Pappa är CH Ekryda Walter Gibb och mamma är CH Grand Gathinoz Just 4U Janezza BnC. Kombinationen gjord tidigare med mycket bra resultat. Vid intresse av kattunge och fler bilder hör av er via mail candy...

Av Margot - Lördag 4 april 15:24

Min lilla Papillon valp Candygolds Karate Kid blir 6 veckor idag. Han är till salu och ser lovande ut men viktigast är en aktiv familj där han får vara med mycket i vardagen. Han är leveransfärdig i maj. Se pappa och mamma längre ner i inlägget. Jag ...

Av Margot - Fredag 21 feb 22:08

Tagit lite bilder från valparnas första gång ute. Lite kallt och blåsigt men det bekymmrade inte någon av dem. Mycket att lukta på och kolla in. De två cremefärgade pojkarna är till salu på grund av återbud men det verkar inte bli så länge till. Bild...

Av Margot - Onsdag 12 feb 11:46

Nu är redan Nyårs aftons valparna 6 veckor. Full fart och de lever mycket med resten av min flock nu. Äter bra och allt är som det ska. Mycket lek och bus.             Female, sobel, 6 weeks old           Female, Black and whit...


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